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How to use Instantly Ageless

How to Apply Instantly Ageless:

Tips and Tricks on getting the cream to work for you!

How to Apply Instantly Ageless by Jeunesse from Instantly Ageless on Vimeo.

White or chalky residue?

Usually if a person gets a white residue on the skin after applying Instantly Ageless it is due to using too much product and or it is the way they are applying the cream. It is astounding how little product you need to use to get wonderful results. So this would be your first thing to change to solve that issue. Next, if you moisturize (which you should) make sure to let your moisturizer completely dry prior to applying Instantly Ageless. Always remember to thin out the Instantly Ageless formula before applying it and lightly tap, tap, tap it on. DO NOT RUB IT ON and leave it a bit damp on the skin to let it dry naturally. Another great tip is to use Instantly Ageless after you apply your makeup. LAST….on top of the makeup. Thousands of women love the results they get by using these methods. Bottom line is practice makes perfect and you will find out what works best for you. Have fun! There are numerous “how to” demonstration videos on YouTube with all kinds of ideas of what works best for different individuals. Search “Jeunesse Instantly Ageless” and you will find them.

Another tip is to simply put a dab of cream on the top of one of your hands and then dilute with one drop of water. Diluting the product can help solve any residue problem.

Did you receive your Instantly Ageless during cold weather?

Many of you are in areas that are experiencing sub-zero temperatures, so when you product arrives it’s going to be very cold, if not totally frozen. While I know it’s going to be tempting to try it out right away, be patient and let it at least warm up to room temperature. Instantly Ageless won’t work while it’s too cold (too hard) simply because ti won’t spread thin enough. But remember, if it’s too thin it won’t work either. Don’t leave it in your car or in a spot where it can freeze or overheat.

Apply Instantly Ageless Warm it up – but not too much

Right before you apply Instantly Ageless, run the vial under warm water for about 10 seconds. This will ensure it’s at the right temperature and will thin it out just enough for easier application.

 Less is BEST!

If you apply too much product- you’ll get some white/chalky residue left behind. To avoid this- start with just a little and wait at least 10 minutes before you think you might want to try some more. While Instantly Ageless works on every skin type, your skin is still as unique as you. Clean your skin prior to using for best results- especially if you have oily skin. Experiment with the amount you use if you don’t like the first results. And don’t forget to dab and don’t rub.

Have patience

While you do see results within 2 minutes- the product must completely absorb and dry before you can start animating your face. What’s worked for me is keeping my face expressionless for 7-10 minutes. That’s when the results have lasted for 6-8 hours. It may take a few tries to get the results you want, so find what works for you.

Instantly Ageless – 

Cleanse and Moisturize first

Dry skin is awful no matter how one looks at it but if your skin is dry when you apply Instantly Ageless– it might work less effectively. Here are the steps to take when applying:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Moisturize and let it sit for a minute or two so it can absorb into the skin.
  3. Apply liquid foundation (oil-based foundations affect results, water-based is best)
  4. Apply Instantly Ageless – remember, less is best- dab, dab, dab and leave wet.
  5. After Instantly Ageless Wait 7-10 minutes for it to completely absorb and set.
  6. Apply the rest of your makeup (or not if you’re a male!) powder and dry makeup should always be applied last.

Good luck and have fun! Click here to purchase a box of Instantly Ageless now!

Notes on Instantly Ageless Packaginginstantly ageless sachet

OK, let’s clear the air on the packaging of Instantly Ageless. Originally, IA came in vials- which were easily resealable. Jeunesse changed the packaging from vials to sachets. The amount of ageless cream remains the same for 1 box. Sachets come with half the amount of vials but there are 50 sachets per box now versus 25 vials. Vials are still available but only in Europe at the moment.

Some people prefer the vials since they are resealable and can custom amounts of cream can be used. Here is a tip on how to utilize sachets in a similar manner.

1. Use a pin, push pin or something that poke a small hole into the sachet. Squeeze desired amounts for use.

2. Fold and tape up or use a paper clip to hold the fold.

Hope this helps!

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