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Jeunesse Global Top Leader Doug James | Jeunesse UK EU

Hi I’m Doug James,  Entrepreneur and I wanted to capture a few words on the incredible change and growth in the Anti Ageing market here in the UK, EU and globe in the past 12 months.

To support this growth I am looking for 10 part time and 5 full time entrepreneurs, leaders and team to join me and be personally mentored by me. A proven 7 figure Entrepreneur.

Ok, we all know that every 7 seconds a baby boomer turns 50! and yep they and their older baby boomer friends don’t feel their age and definitely don’t want to look their age.

This need for products with real instant results now delivered to us in the ultimate convenient way (into our hand or mouth when we want it) was the opportunity to be solved. Step forwards Jeunesse Global and our Team of Entrepreneurs and leaders…

Jeunesse Global has filled this opportunity in the market by partnering in a true modern way with the very best scientists. The scientists bring, in many cases, their lifetime of research and innovations that deliver proven result that surpass everyones expectations.

Lots of people I speak with both entrepreneurs, leaders that have joined my team and consumers, are skeptical that anyone or any business can create even one product to deliver against their Needs, Wants and Desires, let alone several. And historically I too was one of these sceptics until I tried the Jeunesse products. I tell everyone they should try them, because they really really do work and the proof is in the personal results not the words or videos!! They work so well that one product has won the coveted Nobel Medical Prize and the genius creator of 3 of our Jeunesse products, Dr Vinc.ent Giampapa has been nominated too.

With all this proven science, we (Jeunesse) give a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products even used or consumed! I can’t name any other business that is that confident in their products to offer this.

I have to say that personally I am very proud and feel privileged to work with Jeunesse Global and call Dr. Vincent a friend. To have built an amazing team here in the UK, EU and in some 20 countries in the past 12 month. It’s a testimony to the products, culture and business model.

Jeunesse Global products is distributed in more than 120 countries and has doubled for the 5th year in a row to hit a staggering $1.1 billion in wholesale income last year 2015, our 6th year since start up. This broke all records, cementing Jeunesse Global in the history books as well as ranking Jeunesse as the No.1 on the American Inc 500 list of companies, as the fastest company to ever hit a billion in our market and the fastest growing company too.

Again this just proves that Jeunesse and our loyal consumers love to repeat buy monthly, consume, use and therefore there’s no stopping this momentum. They all keep sharing their results and personal testimonies via traditional word of mouth and of course via Facebook and social media.

I’m sure you heard or I should say saw the amazing Instantly Ageless video that went viral several times in the past year and I’m sure will many more times. Why did it go viral? Because Instantly Ageless does exactly what it says on the box. It removes lines, wrinkles and eye bags in under 2 mins, making the user look 10 years younger! Today we(Jeunesse) sell 150 boxes of Instantly Ageless a minute! It Won product of the year last year and has truly changed the Skincare Anti Ageing market for good.

Don’t take my word for it, drop me a line and I will help you try it for yourself.

Bringing this blog full circle, today the Anti Ageing market is $300 billion and forecast to hit $1 trillion by 2025 so 9 years time. The baby boomers are a key driver behind this growth. With Jeunesse sitting at approximately 0.3% of todays market we firmly believe that Jeunesse can get to 5% in 9 years which is $50 billion wholesale. To put this into context that is on a par with Unilever, you know the company that owns Dove deodorant etc.

To keep pace with our Jeunesse UK, EU and global growth, we need part time and full time entrepreneurs, leaders and team to join me and my team.

To discuss this opportunity please link to me on Facebook and message me at: www.facebook.com/doug.james.129

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